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Accessories kite
ACCESSORIES KITESURF AND SUP DETAILS ARE NOT OVERLOOKED The term accessory equipment for the wing as a pump, the pads, the handle to the board for practicing itself we refer to products like harness pants or belt, impact vest, warm slippers and neoprene suit, a polyester or neoprene top man or woman ....... Because we wear when we teach kitesurf...
ACCESSORIES KITESURF AND SUP DETAILS ARE NOT OVERLOOKED The term accessory equipment for the wing as a pump, the pads, the handle to the board for practicing itself we refer to products like harness pants or belt, impact vest, warm slippers and neoprene suit, a polyester or neoprene top man or woman ....... Because we wear when we teach kitesurfing, we can advise you. They contribute to your comfort and pleasure. We also posted in each section of tips and technical guides to help you in your choice of accessories for kitesurfing

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  • Other kitesurf...
    All the equipment that revolves around the practice of kitesurfing.
  • Bags kite
    FRANCEKITESHOP A SELECTED TO THE MANUFACTURERS OF BOARD OF BAG KITESURFNeil Pryde, Manera, Cabrinha, Crazyfly, Takoon offer a varied range of luggage glisse.Même dedicated to sports for sports stays, a wealth of elegant design, well designed with a very resistant coating, while being light to avoid fees when air travel is still popular with athletes who forget to be more stylish, too, in their practice. The finishes are important, and internal pockets for fins and accessories and wheels of good quality. The must have a sealed compartment for wet clothes, a zipped the greatest possible openness, padding in sensitive areas, thick carrying handles for comfort. Very useful padded dividers to separate the boards together in the great board bags.
  • anemometers kite
    Anemometers for kitesurfing and snowkiting Vaavud and skywatch
  • Dive boots and gloves...
    THE booties NEOPRENE YOU PROTECT COLD AND BLESSURESLes booties are designed to perfectly fit your feet, they now offer a natural feel and providing maintenance of critical areas such as the ankles and toes. These neoprene boots are warm and protect your feet, these shoes are the essential accessory for your kitesurfing water sport practice, stand up paddle, surfing, canoeing.
  • Caméras kite
    kitesurf Glasses
  • Wet suits kitesurfing...
    How wetsuit kitesurfing? Neoprene is the material derived rubber. It is a synthetic elastomer found in half of the thirties by the US company DuPont Chemicals. Neoprene is essentially made based on polychloroprene. It is more resistant to ozone, oil and weather (with sea water, ...) as general rubbers. This synthetic rubber is mainly used for the manufacture of wetsuits by its lightness, impermeability and its strong resistance against the marine environment, aujourdh'ui it is used as raw material in the manufacture of combinations for to practice water and underwater sports such as kite surfing, for example. A combination of neoprene kite allows better buoyancy of the person, and even if he is not 100% waterproof, it helps keep him warm.
  • Wet suits kitesurfing...
    Combinations to protect themselves from natural elements. Comfort and color for girls. Eye-friendly happiness and high-quality technical items.
  • Kite dry suits
    dry suits cabrinha, NP, dry fashion, etc.
  • Vests kite
    How to choose a kitesurfing vest? Floatation vests for kite are specifically designed to keep your face out of the water. In an emergency, if you faint, flotation vests can be a big help if you are away from the edge after full release of the wing, if you are tired and also to reassure and help beginners. The manufacturer Neil Pryde such a rare life jacket 50 EC - Certified ISO 12402-5, model HIGH HOOK. When you buy a life jacket for kitesurfing, it must have a buoyancy unit 100 newton since 2010. kitesurfing flotation vests can sometimes be perceived as too big to use for sup and this kitesurf.Dans Then choose an impact vest.
  • Harness kite
    How to choose a harness kitesurfing? All riders need to use a harness to the kite, whether beginner or pro. The choice in the field of equipment really comes down to just two main versions: buy a harness belt or buy a seat harness. The harness kite snow is often panties but with a very specific design. The harness is often a device that defines the style of kite and brands make much effort to make this technical object as beautiful as possible Sometimes it is designed specifically for the female body Other manufacturers opt for the simplicity of this central equipment the kite harness, belt or under cutal.
  • kite glasses
    BUY SOLAR GLASSES KITE, TECHNICAL AND POLARIZED HYDROPHOBIC IS A GOOD INVESTISSEMENTLes kitesurfing sunglasses should be anti-fog, polarized, photo sensitive, floating, with cords, etc .... We tested several brands that we recommend, ride, etc. julbo
  • Pumps kite
    How to choose your kite pump? A kite is a mechanical pump system to pressurize and circulate air to inflate your kite to the kite. It is characterized by its speed, its engine, its output pressure, his rendement..C'est an important accessory of your kitesurfing equipment or sup because it must be strong and effective as the Ozone pump or pump kite Cabrinha . Indeed, it is not when you need it, it will take it fails. Call us to discuss, we will advise the best because when we teach kitesurfing, we inflate many wings and we have selected the best. FRANCEKITESHOP gives you the main criteria for choosing your pump.
  • Kite tops and shorts men
    A TOP FOR AND MAKE SUP Kiting WEAR WITH BOARD SHORTPour protection from the sun or keep warm, this accessory is a must for your sport and a reasonable budget. With long sleeves or not, the top is declined in many colors to suit all tastes and needs of practitioners. They carry with board shorts. We distinguish kitesurfing tops in their field:
  • Tops kite and shorts...
    A range of Tops for women. Indispensable to protect ourselves from the powerful sun of our secret spots. A madness for a passionate sport.
  • Vetements Manera
    Clothes available for after kitesurfing. Clothing with style and beautiful cut. Here you are the most beautiful on the beach.
  • Protection du rider
    The protection of the rider is an important element. The protection of the rider in the form of tissues to be placed above the shock-sensitive areas. The rider's area which is exposed to shocks.
  • Masque de Ski
    France Kite offers protective mask for your eyes. The partnership with the Julbo brand is not new. Sun protection is already in our online sales site. We complete the offer in the field of snow sliding or the Landkite.
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item