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    It all started three years ago, in a garage when the two founders of INOBO, still students, decide to make their kitesurf boards in a traditional way. Driven by this passion, follows a position in a production company. of water sports in China. Initially, it started from the crazy idea of ​​making a board of transparent kite. Then one idea bringing another, the architecture of the board retained to achieve transparency has allowed to think much more daring and propose a small revolution in the world of kite. Because the board of INOBO is not a simple "board" but the assembly of a deck and a carbon exoskeleton. This is the entire structure of a kite board that is redesigned, nobody had proposed that. By combining engineering and passion, INOBO can now offer a board that adapts to the kitesurfer looking for a board that is both versatile and powerful.

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    F-ONE TWIN TIP 20152 Freestyle TRAX with HRD and HRD Freestyle and Freeride with hybrid carbon1 UNIK4 New School with the ACID HRD, the Ultimate Pro with the ACID CARBON HRD, the HRD GIRLY ACID and ACID next to youth1 wakestyle with SPICY1 NEXT1 freeride freeride / LW lightwind NEXT
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    Zeeko has 1 board model, the twin tip Bhoot.complete or naked, for FREESTYLE / FREERIDE in various sizes 134x40, 135x41, 137x42Le foil MakairaEnfin, zeeko markets a series of foil with the Makaira board, this board foil zeeko is lightweight and made in France, it allows a minimal footprint. The mat of foil is limited edition of 100% high modulus carbon. The stabilizer or wing foilback the foil Makaira too.
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    Kitesurf board of the Ozone brand, available in our Francekiteshop store.

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    Shinn kitesurf board. Product manufactured in the EU, modern decoration and quality product.