Kitefoil and boards

Kitefoil and boards

Doing kitesurfing with a foil

Kitefoil and boards There are 129 products.


  • Zeeko foils

    One of the best company of kite foil in the south of france

  • Alpine Foil
    french kitefoil manufacturer of high-end carbon, engineering, manufacturing Kitefoil with composite design for kiteboarding.
  • Sroka foil
    Bruno Sroka design a very easy foil to ride.
  • Fone foil
    F-ONE is a French company specializing into the production and distribution of foil kitesurfing
  • Cabrinha Foil

    cabrinha offers an easy and not expensive foil

  • RSC foil

    RSC in  one of the best manufacturer of twin tip boards and surf and boardfoil for kitesurfing

  • Airush foil

    Use the Foil material. Boards specific to this new discipline. Navigate at 7 knots with your 12 square meters. Fun on the water when buddies look at you from the beach.

  • Spleen Foil

    Spleen offers in its range of Foil an innovative product, the price of Foil is very affordable. Kitefoil Spleen is a Foil with interesting abilities. Discover the Spleen Foil range.

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Showing 1 - 60 of 129 items
Showing 1 - 60 of 129 items