Kitesurfing sells wings, new and used, kite all brands, according selectionnées quality criteria at the best price.

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  • F-one kites
    F-One offers a unique kite wing performance in each discipline and style: BANDIT October 2017 TRUST 2017 KITE FONE FOIL DIABLO V1 V2 V1 2017BREEZE V1FURTIVE
  • Spleene kites
    KITE Spleene
  • zeeko kites
    THE KITES ZEEKOla notus rev or revolution.Cette wing combines high performance in freestyle, wave riding, freeride & hangtime and that evolved for 6 years; It is the fruit of 12 years of R & D on kite wings is today the merger of Krush and Notus. It is available in 2.5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 m2.L'aile PursuitLe Shape developed for high performance freeride navigation and it is the wing with the Zeeko + big wind range and the best upwind range Zeeko. It is available in 7, 9.5, 11, 13.5, 17 m2.
  • ozone kites
    Our kiteboarding, boards and accessories of the brand OZONE On this page you will find the equipment we sell, Ozone brand.
  • Cabrinha kites
    Cabrinha kites kiteboardingcabrinha is a recognized world leader who produced many kites models highly targeted according to your program, famous for the quality of their finishing.
  • Airush kites
    The Kitesurf Wings Airush Ultra are very efficient motors for light wind. High performance in the flight window. Weight is a guarantee of stability in wind "moles". Very oriented for the practice of foil.
  • Sroka Kite
    Kitesurf Sroka wings are Kitesurf wings available for recreational kitesurf or performance kitesurf. Let yourself be surprised by this brand developed by Mr Srika in person.
  • HQ kites
    Earth traction wings. Snowkite Wings and Traction Wings. Wings of practice of the first sensations of terrestrial traction. HQ a range of land wings.
  • Eleveight kites
    The kiteboarding kite Eleveight RS 2018, is a versatile kite kite.Hybrid, it has 3 slats with a clamp that has the will to rotate quickly without difficulties. Peter Stewie, the designer of the wing and the Eleveight range, wanted to make the RS kitesurf wing fun, scalable and easy to use.
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items