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2020 KITESURF OZONE Explore V1 Ultraligth KITE ONLY

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FRANCEKITESHOP offers you the new model: 2019 KITESURF WINGS OZONE Explore V1 . For more information clic: . DESCRIPTION.


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High quality ultra light spinnaker Single skin specially designed for snowkiting From beginner to expert levels Very compact and ultra light Re-Ride safety system Designed for simplicity and ease of use for all levels of riders, the V1 explores is the master of accessibility. This single skin wing opens up a world of possibilities in snowkiting, and allows you to have fun confidently on a new terrain and discover the snowy landscapes. Years of intensive research and testing on the lightest materials possible for kite wings and paragliders has allowed us to create the Explore V1 Ultralight to increase performance without compromising durability. We have refined every construction detail to be as efficient as possible in terms of weight, which has made it possible to obtain one of the lightest snowkites on the market from 600 grams! The Explorer Ultralight is powerful in size and delivers constant traction throughout the wind window. It reduces its power instantly without passing through the middle of the window and generates a minimum lift upwards which makes it very pleasant. The Expore is pleasant to fly with its relatively slow speed and its single skin design gives it exceptional resistance. These features make the Explorer V1 a fantastic kite for beginners and intermediates, providing the confidence to progress and improve your snowkiting skills. For more advanced riders, this wing offers a set of new sensations, opening up new ways of piloting by pushing your limits further. It has versatile handling according to your abilities. Slow or dynamic, both styles are essential depending on the difficulty of the terrain. Going down the slopes with the kite off high or on the side allows more concentration on the pipe and less worries for the kite. For experts in high mountain missions, the lightweight design means that the Explore can fly in very light wind, allowing you to ride efficiently without having to worry about keeping the kite in the air. The Explorer V1 Ultralight launches in light wind, flies fast, remains stable in gusts and is very reactive, even in the lightest breeze. The single skin design is also ultra compact which facilitates the storage of several kites in the time. To further reduce the weight and packaging volume, we use an unsheathed spliced ​​and sewn strap line. This line is not only light and thin, it also reduces the resistance of the area, which translates into fast flight and tight turns. When it's time to take a break or put everything away, you will discover The Explore is easy to land because it has our Re-Ride Release landing system. This efficient, easy-to-use self-landing system means that you can land the kite quickly at any time and that it will remain in position ready to be relaunched. We believe in endless opportunities, what are you waiting for? THE REVOLUTIONARY RE-RIDE SECURITY SYSTEM The revolutionary Re-Ride security system is the result of two years of research and development by our design team and our pro riders, with the aim of creating the most secure system on the market. The goal is that once the security system of the kite is triggered, it is easy to rearm without having to untangle the lines. Our unique Re-Ride safety system flags the kite through the 5th line. The kite thus loses its power instantly without tangling and remains on the ground ready to be relaunched again. Another big advantage is our Re-Ride security system is the ground security option. We added the Secure Loop to the line about 2 meters from the rider. To land the kite, just pull on the 5th line through the Chicken Loop to reach the Secure Loop. The kite will collapse and fall to the ground without any traction. Using the Secure Loop on the 5th line keeps the kite on the ground - it can be hung on a carabiner on your harness. This makes landing and storing your wing safe and easy, even in strong winds.


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2020 KITESURF  OZONE Explore V1 Ultraligth KITE ONLY

2020 KITESURF OZONE Explore V1 Ultraligth KITE ONLY

FRANCEKITESHOP offers you the new model: 2019 KITESURF WINGS OZONE Explore V1 . For more information clic: . DESCRIPTION.