A KITESHOP CLOSE ITS CLIENTSDepuis 2004 FRANCE KITESHOP is a kitesurfing and snowkiting store on the internet located in GRENOBLE. We market major brands of new kitesurfing equipment and opportunity to the lake, the sea and snow.

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  • Kitesurf
    Kitesurfing sells wings, new and used, kite all brands, according selectionnées quality criteria at the best price.
  • Wings snowkiting
    snowkiting Wings evolve each year. It is difficult for a practitioner to buy a snow kite wing by knowing the right criteria. FRANCEKITESHOP is located in the Alps, close to many spots of snowkiting. Our advice sellers are kitesurfing practitioners on snow with ski or snowboard. They help you buy your wings snowkiting. Indeed, it is only once you have acquired a certain level you will be able to feel a real difference to a wings-of-kiting to another.
  • Earth traction wings

    You will find in this category of wings of traction, territorial traction, marine traction. Traction for snowkite and traction for the montaineboard.

  • Boards twin-tip kitesurf
    All the twin tip boards for kitesurfing at the best price
  • Surf boards
    BUY YOUR SURF BOARD WITH THE ADVICE OF A STORE professional surfboard is a directional board which requires knowledge "jibe" to change direction. Surfing allows ballads with or without Footstrap. FRANCEKITESHOP helps you recognize different types of surf-boards for kite boards and the most important technical terms to make your choice. Indeed, the challenge for the practitioner is to find the right compromise. It is the role of our shop to advise you after a sufficiently long interview to understand your needs spécifiques.Les manufacturers offer a variety of surfing to kite Freestyle, Freeride -freestyle versatile as MITU MONTERO of F.ONE, Freeride, Wake style, breed, small and large waves, cable, light wind. They play on the lengths and widths, the rocker, the outline, the scoop, the rail to define the navigation programs.
  • Kitefoil and board
    SAILING FROM 3 KNOTS AND FASTER THAN THE WIND WITH KITEFOILAprès windsurfing in the 1980s, kitesurfing in the 2000s, the kitefoil or hydrofoil pulled by a sailing kite is upsetting winter sports . From a certain speed the board on which the rider is out of the water through the bearing of a set of submerged foils or wings, which operate on the same principle as an airplane wing .The speed is a bit special kitefoil. In light wind can be very fast, have 8 to 9 knots can reach 27 to 30 knots top speed which is fairly good by cons in 25 knots, it will not be much faster we will be on V max at around 33 knots.
  • Stand up paddle
    MAKE STAND UP PADDLEArrivé straight from Hawaii, Stand-Up Paddle or SUP has been democratized in France since a dedicated section was created within the French federation of surfing. The SUP stand-up paddle-is to stand (stand up) on a board and to move on the water rowing with a paddle (paddle) .To choose a SUP, the first step is to define its program ie if you want to surf in waves or flat water, walk, participate in races, bright water and your level. There are inflatable and rigid stand up paddle SUP
  • Accessories kite
    ACCESSORIES KITESURF AND SUP DETAILS ARE NOT OVERLOOKED The term accessory equipment for the wing as a pump, the pads, the handle to the board for practicing itself we refer to products like harness pants or belt, impact vest, warm slippers and neoprene suit, a polyester or neoprene top man or woman ....... Because we wear when we teach kitesurfing, we can advise you. They contribute to your comfort and pleasure. We also posted in each section of tips and technical guides to help you in your choice of accessories for kitesurfing
  • Spare parts kite

    All parts of kitesurfing equipment Need a single block or a complete clamping, spare line to the kite Kitesurfing, a chicken loop kite, kite fins, bladder wing àboudin, valves kites, kite bars? Francekite, true expert and official partner of the largest kite marks (cabrinha, f-one ...) will find the spare-parts or replacement part that fits your besoins.Je can not find my reference room Cabrinha , help me !

  • opportunities Kitesurfing
    Looking for used kitesurfing equipment? You are in the right place We have two categories of kite-product opportunities: The Used The boards of wings occasionPour any other application on the used equipment, please contact us.
  • kitesurfing Packs
    ! Buy your kite and pack your board all at the best price through FrancekiteShop We have selected packages for their quality and attractive price: board, wing bar, sometimes pump, both for kitesurfing for the foil. We can design for you to pack-kite, on demand, as needed, by taking kitesurfing equipment from different manufacturers to stick to your program and your profile. Made trust our monitors available for the enjoyment of all kiters ... Quickly discover our promotional packs!
  • Ski

    You will find in this category Skis and bindings of your ski boots. Seal skin. All mountain, all mountain. Ski all terrain.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item