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Looking for used kitesurfing equipment? You are in the right place We have two categories of kite-product opportunities: The Used The boards of wings occasionPour any other application on the used equipment, please contact us.

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  • Second Hand Wing

    Should we invest in a used kite wing? If you have the means, without hesitation buying new equipment. Indeed, there are many pitfalls to thwart. If your budget does not allow it, we advise you to buy the kite equipment via a store that has a storefront as FRANCEKITESHOP and often provide a manufacturer's warranty like with BANDIT wings of F-ONE and service. If a problem you will have a remedy. Indeed, when one starts in a sport, you do not necessarily know what to see whether we are doing a good deal and what elements we must turn our attention when buying a Used kite. Be careful and only buy the latest equipment for a few years because the safety systems have evolved and recent wings have a very good depower which prevents serious accidents.

  • Second Hand Board
    How to choose my hand Kitesurf board Different types of kitesurfing boards currently on the used market are the twin tips Freestyle, Freeride, Wake style and directional boards: Skim boarding, Speed, Racing Skim boarding, Waves with or without straps, mutant, surfoil. The used market board developed for kitefoil does not yet exist because the boards of demand for the foil is more important than the offer but that market will develop. You must carefully consider all parts of the used Kitesurf board you want to buy: Carina: construction, weight, condition GeneralBusiness Pads and Footstraps: they are worn or not split, the state of the tissue the operation of the closures, if they can be démonter.L'état of Fins, the Bridge and driving tracks, the rails: shock impacts, the Poignée.Privilégiez known brands and professional advice. Buy a plank of opportunity to kite requires some expertise. Know get advice from professionals who have the habit. Trust FRANCEKITESHOP.Retrouvez the best kites and boards of opportunities and the best prices on the net! The opportunity kitesurfing easier with FranceKiteShop. Buy now your kite equipment occasion and save up to 70%! do not buy a prize, you will regret it! Depending on your style and your kiteboarding, Francekite offers a catalog of boards of opportunities that will meet the needs of all kiters. Get your hand at windsurfing FranceKiteShop!
  • Kitefoil and Board...

    Used product used by Team Francekite. Kitefoil Board and Foil Supfoil Surf Foil.Tree well maintained and available for sale

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    As every year, enjoy the equipment of kitesurf demonstration of the staff FRANCEKITE in occasion GOLD, like new, used only a few hours and guaranteed a year. Attention there will not be for everyone so consult us to reserve the sizes and colors still available. FRANCEKITESHOP offers you the new model: 2019 KITESURF WINGS OZONE Subzero V1 Ultralight . For...

    961,88 € 1 282,50 € -25%
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