Surf boards

BUY YOUR SURF BOARD WITH THE ADVICE OF A STORE professional surfboard is a directional board which requires knowledge "jibe" to change direction. Surfing allows ballads with or without Footstrap. FRANCEKITESHOP helps you recognize different types of surf-boards for kite boards and the most important technical terms to make your choice. Indeed, the challenge for the practitioner is to find the right compromise. It is the role of our shop to advise you after a sufficiently long interview to understand your needs spécifiques.Les manufacturers offer a variety of surfing to kite Freestyle, Freeride -freestyle versatile as MITU MONTERO of F.ONE, Freeride, Wake style, breed, small and large waves, cable, light wind. They play on the lengths and widths, the rocker, the outline, the scoop, the rail to define the navigation programs.

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