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FRANCEKITESHOP offers you the new model: SECOND HAND CABRINHA CONVERT 5m. For more information clic: . DESCRIPTION.

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The Cabrinha Convert IDS is an excellent all round flying machine which has exceptional freeride abilities. It is fast and easy to maneuver, it has the perfect power delivery to make any session worthwhile.  Since the kite was a hit when it was released, the acclaimed manufacturer has released another version called Convert IDS SE.

The 2011 Cabrinha Convert IDS SE is constructed on the same pattern as the Convert IDS, but it is more forgiving and it is perfect for training or kiteboarding schools. A great thing about the Cabrinha Convert IDS SE is that it performs great on al terrains. The kite is also heavily reinforced to prevent any damage. Just like the Convert IDS it is a perfect choice for those riders who love freeride. Features like the Recoil system and the Internalized IDS landing line on the control bar enhance overall performance.

Cabrinha team knows that the key to success and to reaching a pro kiteboarding performance is training. Al the great riders have started as beginners, trained hard and put a lot of effort and passion in this extreme sport to reach the top positions at worldwide events.

The Cabrinha Convert IDS SE is especially designed for kiteboarding schools, training and beginner riders. It has a nice speed, it is easy to handle and has extra stability in any wind conditions. The Convert IDS SE is built on a similar blue print as the Convert IDS, but it is easier to use by novice riders and it is heavily reinforced. The kite can take all the possible damage without sustaining any damage. The major difference between the two kites is the fabrics used for the Canopy body. The Convert IDS SE is built from 70 gsm fabrics to assure a bullet proof construction. Although it is super solid, the kite is light at the same time and can be launched, maneuvered, relaunched and depowered easy and without any effort. This enhanced maneuverability and usability is provided by the innovative Intelligent Depower System or IDS developed by Cabrinha. The IDS assures a very light pressure on the control bar, and combined with the IDS Bridle system significantly increases the control, assures a total depower of the kite in no time and makes relaunch a piece of cake. The kite is very easy to steer and super stable. The Non Hybrid Bow shape combined with the ergonomic outline assures a smooth and drag free ride.

The kite is powered up through the Sprint inflation system, which is very easy to use and provides an optimized air pressure. Even in high wind or when it is fully charged, the Cabrinha Convert IDS SE is very reliable and performs predictable. Beginner riders can perform any trick and run fast across the water, while the kite offers a safety feeling and is responsive and accurate.

Versatile, super maneuverable and totally safe, the Cabrinha Convert IDS SE is the perfect kite to learn kiteboarding and a great choice for schools and instructors. It comes in 3.5, 5, 7, 9 and 11 square meters sizes and two color styles.

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